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Three words that speak volumes...THE RICH-TONE CHORUS!  Becky is the resident choreographer for the 5-time Sweet Adeline's International Chorus Champions, The Rich-Tones.  The signature "Rich-Tone style" is stunningly impeccable movement that enhances all the incredible vocal complexity and perfection that is also expected of them.
Becky has traveled internationally as a visual coach for numerous Sweet Adeline Choruses and would love the opportunity to bring her own trademark energy, infectious enthusiasm, creativity and passion for performance to inspire your group to the next level.

Choreography Preview Video


"I have had the pleasure of coaching and working alongside many visual leaders in my profession, and I am confident in highly recommending Becky….she is a "top shelf" visual leader and choreographer of our art form."


                                                               -   Erin Howden
                                                                                Director & Choreographer, North Metro Chorus
                                                                                 International Performance Coach, SAI & BHS
                                                                                Certified International Faculty, SAI
                                                                                  International Training Consultant, A Step Ahead

(For More, see the Testimonial section on the website)

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