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From basic movement to a full on choreographed group number, Becky can tailor her teaching to what you are looking for as a clown.  Having taught at Advanced Studies in the Art of Clowning, Texas Clown Association Conventions, Clowns Of America International, and American Clown Academy (just to name a few), she's helped clowns from all levels gain a better grasp of their "clown shoe groove". 


    Workshop Classes

1.   Move And Groove Like A Clown

As a clown you can choose not to do many things...BUT you cannot choose not to move!  Using music to set the mood and the tempo, Becky will lead you through movement routines to help you find the groove that is right for you, your physical ability and your comedy.  Dress appropriately!

2.   The Old Soft Shoe (Clown Style)

The old soft shoe is one of the most recognized and comically effective dance steps in entertainer history.  Something goes wrong?  Do a little soft shoe!  Magic trick doesn't work?  Hold the wand like a cane and do a little soft shoe ending in a smile and a pose for applause.  Once you learn a little Tea-For-Two routine you will go out of your way to put it into your show!

3.   Line Dancing For Clowns

The easiest way to be the life of the party is to join in on a line dance.  You'll catch them all off guard and they'll LOVE IT!  This class will teach you some of the most popular dances out there today, from the Electric Slide to the Cupid Shuffle and the Cotton Eyed Joe.  All the dances are easy to learn and true crowd pleasers, especially with big clown feet.  Dress ready to move!

4.   Alley Dance

If you're looking for some Alley fun, Becky will come and teach your Alley their own, unique group dance.  It'll be a great opportunity to learn and perform together.  Then you can take "the show on the road" and use it as an opener or closer in your next group show.  Becky will choreograph and teach a routine to the song of your choosing or suggest some fun tunes that are sure to please at your next group event.


Workshop Preview Videos

"We looked for instructors who could deliver Imagination, Skills, Creativity, Enthusiasm and Professionalism.  Becky delivered all of this and more."                - Leon McBryde: Advance Studies in the Art of Clowning


(For More, see the Testimonial section on the website)

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