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 ​"Becky has an excellent rapport with the students, and she teaches her choreography in a way that makes sense to students of all ability levels. She has the teaching skills to break down steps and help the students understand exactly what she’s asking them to do. On every occasion that I have worked with her, she has been efficient and paced her teaching so well, that we were focused only on cleaning and fixing details by the last day. It’s wonderful to work with a choreographer who can read music and choreograph in a way that integrates musical and visual elements seamlessly. She is a smart choreographer, a good musician, and has great enthusiasm and communication with students of all ages!"

Mandy Scott, Choral Director
Grosse Pointe North High School
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

"Becky’s choreography is not only creative and entertaining for the audience to watch, but is also fun and challenging for the performers. Her easygoing style and detailed teaching techniques make the sessions valuable and efficient, while still thoroughly enjoyable. Becky is able to easily and quickly modify individual steps to fit the experience level of the various performers. She is always open to suggestions and ideas from me as the director, while at the same time proving herself a valuable resource with staging and costuming ideas of her own. Being a talented performer herself gives her an experienced perspective on what works on stage and what doesn't. "

Darylene Hecht
Director, VocalMotion
SAS Corporation, Cary, NC

"It is truly amazing to watch Becky bring together three independently talented choirs, who are fervent rivals throughout the rest of the school year, to create one united team. She sets high expectations and holds the students accountable for their actions and their performance – even when many of them have “two left feet.” With limited time to teach the difficult choreography and coordinate the show, Becky has successfully captured the attention and respect of our students. She is not only a talented dancer and choreographer, she is also an excellent teacher and disciplinarian. She works well as a team member with three veteran high school chorus teachers, whose respect she has also earned. The most challenging aspect of being our guest choreographer is not teaching the dance steps. Rather, the toughest job is maintaining order and keeping more than 400 high school students focused on a very tight time schedule."

Martha Vick
Executive Director
Wilson Education Partnership
Wilson, NC 

"At Advanced Studies in the Art of Clowning we have always maintained the highest standards for our Staff Members in that they can teach from EXPERIENCE, and not just theory.  Our instructors are seasoned performers who can demonstrate Imagination, Skills, Creativity, Enthusiasm and Professionalism.  Becky delivered all of this and more.  We were honored to have her as part of the Advanced Studies Staff, and she contributed greatly to make our program the success that it was."

Leon McBryde
Director, Advanced Studies in the Art of Clowning

"Becky Bartlett is a powerhouse of creativity, imagination, energy and passion for performance.  As a choreographer and performance coach, she demonstrates exceptional skills both in front of her own home Rich-tone Chorus and also in front of other Sweet Adeline choruses who have invited her in as a performance coach.  Her conscious passion for continuous learning has launched her forward in every facet of performance and has allowed her to shine as a creator, a teacher, a mentor, and a motivator.  Becky invites enthusiasm into a room and captures the attention and interest of every person in it as she helps people uncover their performance potential.  I have worked with Becky and the Rich-tone chorus for a number of years in a performance coaching and consulting role, and each time I am with them, I am completed impressed by Becky's work.  I have had the pleasure of coaching and working alongside many visual leaders in my profession, and I am confident in highly recommending Becky….she is a "top shelf" visual leader and choreographer of our art-form."

Erin Howden
Director & Choreographer, North Metro Chorus, 5-time International Chorus Champions
International Performance Coach, SAI & BHS
Certified International Faculty, SAI
International Training Consultant, A Step Ahead



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